Passion - Vision - Creativity
Our story
Comodo is a company that works in interior design, architecture and construction field. We provide counsels concerning showroom, office, villa, and deluxe apartment construction.
We are a team of young and passionate architects and engineers, who thrive to create great designs, to lead new trends and to bring best solutions as well as services for customers to live in a modern and convenient style. Comodo Casa is always appreciative of our dear customers' support and confidence, which serves as a source of motivation for us to move forward on our chosen path.
Our culture
We are meant to do what only us can do best and that is how we stand out amongst our peers.
Our mission
Our team at Comodo aim at inspiring customers with our meticulously designed products. Each and every design of ours is perfected with tremendous effort and great passion. We give soul to every single design and make it superlative of its kind: a masterpiece that is second to none.
We are a team of young passionate professionals specialized in interior designing and architecture.
We work intensively create inspiring, innovative, and creative designs for interior decoration.
Our company’s distinguished team of architects are formed from the most skillful and experienced professionals in the field.
We attempt to materialize dreams that are seemingly elusive and out of touch with reality.
Who we are?
Our team at Comodo Casa are a group of young, enthusiastic, and creative architects and engineers.
Founder & CEO
Denver Kris
With his extensive experience in interior design and construction industry, Denver Kris has what it takes to become a role model for a successful businessman.
Director General
Mark Lays
Mark is also the one who creates and directs the implementation of Comodo’s biggest projects that bring about roaring success for the company.
Senior Designer
Jade Green
As our senior designer, Jade has her hands in every task concerning interior designing and construction planning of Comodo.
Our clients
I can't believe that the creators of these amazing designs are so young. I could truly feel your team's strong passion.
Callie Hampton
Nord, Marketer
I have been lucky enough to work with professionals and receive precious advice from Comodo.
Mike Bachs
California, Designer
My office has been transformed into a wonderful place thanks to Comodo team.
Bella Eris
Mexico, Businesswoman
Together We Build Great Things!